Our ultimate car wash is available by appointment only and is $25!
Call now to set up an appointment!

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Why pick SudSlingers to wash your car, truck or SUV?

SudSlingers is a “professional” car wash that uses products specifically designed to clean and protect your vehicle.

Full service starts from the time the customer walks in the door. A detailer will drive your vehicle through the car wash. You can relax in our lobby for the approximate 5-6 minutes it takes for the normal “Ultimate” car wash and pick your sparkling clean vehicle up at the front door.

An “Ultimate” car wash includes:
Power wash of wheel wells, license plate, front bumpers.
Bug removal if necessary, triple foam presoak, underbody wash.

Tire brushes to clean crevices of rims and tires. Filtered water rinse, Teflon spray wax.
Tires conditioned.
Towel dry.

A Teflon coating is applied to the vehicle after it is cleaned.
Tire shine is applied to shine and condition the tires.

SudSlingers car washes are “by appointment only” to guarantee individual attention to your vehicle. Appointments also guarantee THERE IS NEVER A WAIT.

SudSlingers guarantees vehicles will not be scratched or dented in the cleaning process. A soft cloth and tire brush are the only items that will clean and dry the vehicle. The tire brush is designed to clean crevices in the tire rims and tires.

Size restrictions at SudSlingers to use the car wash tunnel are eighty five (85) inches in height and tires thirteen (13) inches in width or less (No Dualie Trucks). Anything that exceeds these measurements can be hand washed during a scheduled appointment.

All dualie trucks must be hand washed and scheduled as a detail.